Starting Out

Re-roofs-We first will meet with you the potential client over phone or text message and then using our highly accurate satellite service we will give you a estimate based on the square footage that we find over the affected area. During this estimate you will find some of the best pricing in the valley for materials because of our 30 year long experience doing roofs. Using our special buying power we're able to supply you with the highest quality material at the most affordable price. We will also discuss options with you the homeowner to see if your roof falls under your insurance's policy. We're confident that we can get you the best possible chance of getting a claim in and having the insurance cover it because our owner is also a licensed insurance adjuster!

Repairs- We will communicate over the phone and then after listening to what the issue is we will schedule a time to come out and visit (usually within the week that you call in the service) and after viewing the project we will give you a quote for it that evening.

Performance of Service

Re-roofs- After we agree on terms you will be sent a link to sign up for your Buildertrend Homeowner account so you can sign electronically to agree to the service. Then, after we receive 50% down (which can also be done online!) we will have supplies dropped off and the service will be performed. During this time crews will have a dumpster lifted up to the roof for debris to be hauled off. If your job is a multi day job we will make sure that at the end of each day the whole service area is clean. Most projects take up to 2 days to complete however if the roof is of a bigger size they can take longer. Pictures will be taken of before, during and after for progress updates. You will be able to access these updates and also send us questions and receive answers online through your Buildertrend Homeowner account!

Repairs- After agreeing to terms and signing electronically we will come out and perform the work and get the service done! You will also be sent a link for your homeowner account access so you can see the progress of the work.

Finishing up

After finishing up either a re-roof, or repair we will personally meet with you again so we can make sure that our service was worthy of a 5 star rating. If it wasn't the best roofing experience that you ever had we will do all that we can to rectify that! Following these three easy steps you can get any roofing process done that is needed.